Brother Outsider (2003)


Brother Outsider
Dir. Nancy Kates, Bennett Singer, 2003.
United States, 90 minutes.

Monday April 3rd 9:45pm
Saturday April 8th 5:00pm
Monday April 10th 9:45pm
Wednesday April 19th 7:30pm
Friday April 28th 7:30pm
Sunday April 30th 7:30pm

Bayard Rustin, an unfamiliar name in the pantheon of civil rights leaders of the 20th century. Known by his contemporaries and investigated by the FBI, Rustin's crowning achievement was the organization of the March on Washington. But his role would remain unknown by the public because of his open homosexuality. Combining interviews and archival footage, this documentary examines the life and work of a man too often glossed over in a time so focused on the intersectionality of oppression in the pursuit of liberty.