Children of God (2010)

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Children of God
Dir. Kareem Mortimer, 2010.
Bahamas, 104 minutes.

Saturday April 1st 5:00pm
Monday April 3rd 7:30pm
Saturday April 8th 7:30pm
Saturday April 29th 7:30pm

Against the beautiful, sunny backdrop of the Bahamas, the story of two lovers unfolds. Though a romance begins to develop, away from the well travelled casinos, cruise ships, and resorts, the sun soaked environment becomes more precarious and hostile for the two men exploring their mutual attraction. Deeply religious, this film explores the Christian heritage of the islands and the troubling ways that religion can enable a self-identified moral superiority. Though imperfect in parts, Children of God is a notable film for helping to develop a more holistic picture of life in the islands and the many people that call them home.