Desperate Living (1977)


Desperate Living
Dir. John Waters, 1977.
United States, 90 minutes.

Saturday April 1st 7:30pm
Wednesday April 5th 9:30pm
Saturday April 8th 9:30pm
Wednesday April 12th 9:30pm
Friday April 14th 9:30pm
Saturday April 15th 7:30pm
Wednesday April 26th 9:45pm


A fairy tale set in a land of of criminals, outcasts, and sexual deviants ruled by an evil queen in a cardboard castle. Whisked away from their dreary lives in the suburbs of Baltimore, neurotic housewife Peggy and her 400lb. maid Grizelda run away to the shantytown of Mortville where they meet a strange and fantastic set of characters in a nearly all-female cast, like a beautiful princess, the garbageman she loves, a bull-dyke transsexual wrestler, and her lipstick lesbian girlfriend all living in abject destitution, screaming into the void about the constant desperation they face fighting for their own liberation from their tyrannical ruler as well as the oppressive norms of proper society.