Hardware, 1990


Director: Richard Stanley, 1990.
UK, USA, 94 minutes.

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Monday, May 15th - 7:30pm
Saturday, May 20th - 5:00pm
Monday, May 22nd - 7:30pm
Saturday, May 27th - 7:30pm
Tuesday, May 30th - 7:30pm

In a post-apocalyptic future brought on by sentient, self-replicating robots bent on human annihilation, a scrap metal scavenger stumbles across a strange artifact and brings it back to the slum colony known as New York. The artifact however, is the head unit of one of these robots and is unwittingly reactivated. This film is a visual assault of colors and sounds, grating to the eye, engaging and nightmarish. Billowing smoke, blown out reds, bleached landscapes all add to the relatively straightforward narrative to create a truly remarkable excursion into the genres of sci-fi and action.