Spice World, 1997


Spice World
Director: Bob Spiers, 1997.
United Kingdom, 93 minutes.

Screening times (click through for tickets):
Saturday, May 6th, 9:30pm
Friday, May 12th, 7:30pm
Monday, May 15th, 9:30pm
Friday, May 19th, 7:30pm
Monday, May 29th, 7:30pm

Gloria Steinem and bell hooks they were not, but the legendary Spice Girls were one of the first commercially formulated pop culture sensations to make proto-feminism cool, and that's admirable. This whacked out flick takes a look at the "life" of the girls through an absolutely absurd lens to create an absolute piece of schlock, that, despite pulling away the facade in 2017 and realizing that the Spice Girls were a fictitious creation produced by major commercial interests, feels uplifting. Despite everything else, the singular, aspirational truth of Spice World is that the ideology of GIRL POWER simply cannot be diluted by the interests of capitalist enterprise, especially not with this soundtrack.