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Got 2B Real: The Complete Series

Got 2B Real: The Complete Series
Director: Patti LaHelle, 2013.
United States, 143 minutes.

Originally released on YouTube by Patti LaHelle (twitter: @_maleficentt), Got 2B Real is a wholly original work, appropriating and reworking candid video, talk show clips, and TV interviews of various R&B divas compiled and dubbed to by the director and various guest actors to create a reality TV-style variety talk show. An online sensation, Video Revival is proud to present G2bR as part of our recurring Queer Identities in Film series, screening both seasons, with every blown up pixel, shady line, and ounce of beef served to you family style.

Aside from popular following, G2bR has sparked dialog around its origins as a piece of queer male media created by a woman, the role of misogyny and commodification of black media in the modern queer movement in popular entertainment (e.g. Bad Girls Club, Real Houswives, all of Laganja Estranja's act), as well as messiness, respectability politics, visibility and the lack of self-created black (queer) media. Utilizing the language of queer black culture and a half-real mythology of modern pop-idols, G2bR works within a camp framework to create an outlet for entertainment and works as a platform of dialog about cultural issues worthy of address in contemporary queer culture.

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