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Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps
Director: John Fawcett, 2000.
Canada, United States, 108 minutes.

Sisters Ginger and Brigette are two teenage outsiders at their All American High School. They're not like the other girls. They're not interested in boys, girls, or anyone other than each other. They're dirty, weird, always together, always trying to shock and horrify their family and classmates, but when the older Ginger suddenly finds herself coming into womanhood everything seems to change between them. Of course when the girls are attacked by a werewolf things seem to get even worse.

Ginger is finding herself transforming into more than just a woman and discovering more than one kind of taste for boys. Meanwhile Brigette must stop her sister's complete transformation to save them both and restore the sisterly bond they held before things changed. Riddled with numerous lesbian encodings, this film is more than the average teenage werewolf movie particularly when viewed through a queer(ed) lens. 

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