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Downright Unpleasant!: Homosexuality in the 1960's

Video Revival is proud to be screening two documentaries exploring homosexuality in America, circa the 1960's, hosted by Chase Whiteside.


The Rejected (1961) • 57 mins
Directed Richard Christian
For KQED San Francisco

“Controversial, delicate, and to some, downright unpleasant," is
 how KQED General Manager James Day introduced the first ever documentary about homosexuality to be broadcast on American television. For decades thought lost, The Rejected (1961) resurfaced last year and has been restored for public viewing. When first aired, it was viewed as ahead of its time for including interviews with actual homosexuals. But its aim was ultimately to pathologize and solve the homosexual: '“The first step to a solution is recognition... and discussion of facts.” 

The Homosexuals (1967) • 43 mins
Written by Mike Wallace, William Peters, Harry Moragn
For CBS Reports

Six years later, Mike Wallace would anchor a CBS Reports special about the same thing. Featuring panel input from disease-theory psychiatrist Charles Socarides and (openly gay) playwright Gore Vidal, the program is notable for taking seriously arguments for and against the acceptability of homosexuality and being first to broadcast footage inside a gay bar. Roughly 1 in 5 Americans tuned in to this special in 1967.

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