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But I'm A Cheerleader

But I'm A Cheerleader
Director: Jamie Babbit, 1999.
United States, 85 minutes. 

A seemingly "normal" teenage girl named Meagan, seem's like the all-American girl next door.  Pretty, smart, on the cheerleading team, dating a football player for years, she looks perfect on paper. But her friends and family think she's a homosexual. She's never gone "all the way" with her boyfriend, and she's a vegetarian, and she seems to let her hands linger with the other girls at cheerleading practice. And if that wasn't proof enough, she has a Melissa Etheridge poster for christsake! 

Sent to True Directions, a religious conversion camp for boys and girls in doubt, Meagan and her cohort are taught to act their gender correctly. With heavy doses of camp and satire (and a guest appearance by RuPaul, in butch drag), Cheerleader provides a pointed critique of traditional notions of binary gender performance and the role that tropes and stock characters play in the reception of individual expressions of gender and sexuality.

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