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Are You Loathsome - Curated Video Works

Are You Loathsome
Curation by Efrem Zelony-Mindell
Approx. 90 minutes with 20 minute intermission

Artists featured:
Allana Clark
Judith Stenneken
Brooke Holloway
Patrice Helmar
Carly Mark
Alon Borten
Dana Davenport
Michael Stablein Jr.
Benjy Russell
Daniel Johnson
Robert Hickerson
Joseph Maida
Patricia Voulgaris
Peter Clough
Kate Gilmore

Opinions are not problems. Some can conform; others will create. The cradle of culture and citizenry is a communion. And so it shall continue to be. New voices heard, some voices echo. Hands will reach out and hunger will fill the mouths of and drive minds to think differently. Or not. We will be citizens for sure. Alarms will sound and we will keep fast, sharp, and excite. Trouble is not new; it has forms and shapes; the burden of freedom ignites. So too can the artistry that is inspired.

These video works exist in their worlds. It is arbitrary that they here are shown. But the reason id unconditional and intermittent. The systems in which works of class, race, and gender come to be are wonderful. Some are obscured and indistinct, others are glorious in specificity. The ability to interpret works in a climate of newness is obtuse and motivating. These works will give pause, questions will arise, thoughts filled with hearts and minds will pulverize. None shall be silent. 

Not anymore.

We need to listen more. Voice is being taken, becoming wordless. All fronts are receding and I don't know if there's anywhere to go. What's inside? Now is a time to be outside, together, for each other. We are nothing more than shapes and sizes. Hurling labels won't win- whispers fall. We are together; we will either be for one another or against. There are no real sides. That is only an illusion. Ourselves will wither control us or we will let go. Better than will no longer be good enough. Being offended doesn't work anymore! Discussion must surge. We must learn to articulate. We each must be a better person.

The only thing that works is bothering.

**All tickets $5, additional contributions appreciated.