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Reel Conspiracies: The Hour of The Furnaces pt. 2

October 10:
The Hour of The Furnaces
Dir. Octavio Getino, Fernando E. Solanas, 1968.

A political manifesto against neocolonialism, covering of student revolts in the United States and Western Europe, Czechoslovakian protest against bureaucracy of Soviet Union, the social revolution of Argentina, presenting a defense of third world revolution. Divided into three acts, we present on Oct 24, Act 2: Act For Liberation & Act 3: Violence and Liberation.


To reflect upon the Soviet Revolution which promised a new world one hundred years ago, we are screening a series of films that consider a world lost, and a world possible, and a world now.

Accompanying this series we have prepared a highly recommended printed reader that ties together the works, available at the door for a suggested $3. All tickets $5.