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Brooklyn Horror Fest presents: The Crescent

Director: Seth A. Smith
Cast: Danika Vandersteen, Woodrow Graves, Terrance Murray, Brit Loder, Andrew Gillis
Producer: Nancy Urich, Rob Cotterill, Marc Savoie, Alison Lidster
Screenwriter: Darcy Spidle
Year: 2017
Length: 99 Minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English

All Tickets $16


How do you get over the death of a loved one? For widowed Beth (Danika Vandersteen), it’s relocation. Along with her two-year-old son (Woodrow Graves, the director’s real-life son and one hell of an actor), Beth moves to an isolated coastal home to restart her life. Unable to shake her despair, she gradually succumbs to her new home’s supernatural forces, leaving her family’s fate on the undeveloped shoulders of her toddler son.

Having earned a cult-like reputation in Canada for his hallucinogenic 2012 indie LOWLIFE, Canadian filmmaker Seth A. Smith is primed for international recognition with this singularly creepy triumph. With trippy sequences straight out of BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW’s playbook, THE CRESCENT is as visually far-out as it is emotionally grounded, filtering its somber look at grief through dread-soaked horror and psychedelic innovation. —Matt Barone

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