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I Shot Andy Warhol

We continue our previous masters series with a weekly sampler of directors whose work to see, selecting a title each week we feel exemplifies their work that may expand beyond the scope of the go-to title.

November 30
I Shot Andy Warhol
Dir. Mary Harron, 1996
103 min, English

Valerie Solanas, a struggling writer and sometimes sex worker living in New York in the 60's, was introduced by a friend and lover to Andy Warhol, the cult-like leader of The Factory and artworld icon. After gradually becoming radicalized by her interaction with men, Solanas began preaching feminist separatism, founded on the idea that the radical disparities in power and control men held over women cold only be solved through their outright termination, written in her manifesto, SCUM. After disagreement over the content of a play she wanted Warhol to produce, she attempted his assassination citing the obscene power he held over her life. An exploration of the inner machinations of the The Factory and the events leading up to Solanas' attack, told in intercut flashback, depicting an era in New York since passed. 

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