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December 30
Dir. Michael Ninn, 1995
81 min, English.

To succinctly describe Latex would be to simply call it "stylish" but it is truly so much more than that.

In this fascinating piece of work, Ninn expertly elevates what would otherwise be a wholly unremarkable adult work into something vastly more intellectually stimulating, with the issues of voyeurism, violence, and projected fantasies mapped onto the bodies of others in full focus, blurring the line between high and low culture

Turning the lens back on the viewer-as-voyeur, one of the first lines stated in this film is "I know you're watching me." From there we see that our characters reside in an authoritarian police state, where our protagonist's tale is recounted in flashback detailing his escape from a state mental hospital. Incarcerated for possessing the ability to see the darkest, fantasies locked away and suppressed within the minds of anyone he touches, he has been deemed a threat to the state's authority.

Thematically, in a work that deals with fantasy, inscrutable detail is paid to set design, including the CGI-work that although dated, blends perfectly in the constructed fantasy Ninn provides. In this construction, no explicit sexual contact is ever depicted, with shots more often depicting close-ups of eyes, hands, shoes, clothing, and the set itself, all from numerous angles, repeated, recut and remixed to create a feeling of catharsis. Simultaneously, the soundtrack consists of recorded audio tracks edited into a cacophony of distorted dialog, sound, and music  joined with the moving image to create a sensory barrage that questions the complicity of the viewer in successfully completing the construction as a voyueristic participant.

Be advised: No one under 18 will be admitted to this screening.

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