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STRUCK: Five Videos

Join us at Video Revival for an evening of contemporary video art.

STRUCK: Five Videos
Artists featured:
Adam Golfer
Julie Grosche
Gabriela Vainsencher
Paola Di Tolla
Sam Roek

Curator: Katy McCarthy

A chicken gets hit on the head and thinks the world is ending, but it was never true. It was only ever an acorn.

Or, the sky has been falling, it’s just that some of us kept saying it was an acorn. 

How do I perceive and respond to imminent disaster? How do I know when to wait and listen? Can a video on a big screen remind me about our collective bigger picture? 

In their own way, obviously, these 5 videos deal with being struck, by rocks and epiphanies. Or waiting to be struck. They make art of things that I’m afraid of. They use light to make weight of bodies, time, and spirituality. Many of these videos have a slow build to a revelation, for me and the protagonist. Sometimes they are true and sometimes they are about the difference between truth and illusion. A movie is sometimes an acorn and sometimes its actual sky. Sometimes it feels real, sometimes it is real, sometimes it is both. 

Earlier Event: March 22
Later Event: March 24
20 Centimeters