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Dr. Caligari

Dr. Caligari
Director: Stephen Sayadian, 1989.
United States, 81 minutes.

Not to be confused with Robert Weine's classic, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Sayadian's film is a strange experience concerning the granddaughter of the original doctor and her bizarre and extreme psychological experiments on those relegated to her practice, Caligari's Insane Asylum.  

Though lacking the mystique and atmosphere of its original namesake, this film somehow captures the German Expressionist aesthetic of the original with 80's day-glo color and a visual style that looks something between a half-baked, but well executed, art student's last minute project and what could be only be summarized as "Pee-wee Herman goes to Hell." Part goofball comedy, part skin-flick, part artfilm parody/tribute, Dr. Caligari is a surreal horror-comedy not to be missed.

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