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The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: Worst Mother of the Year Marathon

Don't bring your mother! Moms are great, cool, we wouldn't be here without them, but for all the loving pestering and nudging, some moms really are awful. In honor of Mother's Day, we're hosting a marathon of 3 of the absolute worst depictions of mothers to ever grace the screen, all for $8. And remember to call your mom after! She loves you!

5:00pm - 
The Manchurian Candidate, Dir. John Frankenheimer, 1962. 128 min. In McCarthy Era America, a US soldier returns from behind enemy lines, with recurring nightmares of one of his comrades murdering other members of their squad in cold blood. He becomes convinced that his companion is still a brain washed sleeper cell, controlled by the Communist-Marxist state, with things taking a turn for the strange when it is revealed that he is being used in a hypnotized state by his hyper-conservative McCarthyist mother (ANGELA LANSBURY) as a puppet in her political devious political games.

7:30pm -
Carrie, Dir. Brian DePalma, 1979. 98 min. Imagine your mother homeschooled you, except actually she raised you in a hyper-religious cult, you're a social outcast and you actually have telekinetic powers. That's the movie. Okay, way more than that, but a great example of how horrifying your life could be if your mother was possibly the most overbearing person in existence, but you'd probably get cool psychic powers.

9:30pm -
Mommie Dearest, Dir. Frank Perry, 1981. 129 min. Okay, the secret is out. Joan Crawford was probably not a great mother, but that doesn't stop us from watching Faye Dunaway portray her as a living, breathing monster. The ultimate "bad mom" movie. There's literally nothing that can or will top this. Is it cliche? Yes. Should you still see it?  Y E S.

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