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Fruit of Paradise

Fruit of Paradise
Director: Vera Chytilova, 1970.
Czechoslovakia, 99 minutes.
Czech with English subtitles.

An experimental take on the story of Adam and Eve that's both a visual and auditory journey that belongs to the Czech New Wave. Fruit sees a couple (Josef and Eva) at a health resort, taking in the lush and pastoral surroundings with Eva often wandering the grounds in childlike innocence. When she crosses paths with the Robert ominously skulking around the gardens, she is fascinated by him, drawn toward the air of mystery that surrounds him as her relationship with her husband begins to strain and they become alienated from one another. However, her fascination son takes a turn for the morbid as her lust for knowledge leads her to uncovers evidence that Robert may be connected to a series of murders on the estate. A beautiful, morose examination of human nature, rationality, the search for knowledge, and the unbearable weight that comes with it. 

Later Event: June 27