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Tank Girl

Tank Girl
Dir. Rachel Talalay, 1995.
United States, 104 minutes.

Imagine MTV in the mid-90's, commercials, music videos, and cartoon cutaways, then make it more schizophrenic, add sugar, set it in a post-apocalyptic military state in the not-too-far speculative future, and inject it directly into your eyeballs. That's Tank Girl. A weird visual trip that should appeal to anyone looking for the visual style of 90s media aimed at listless teens, Tank Girl works best if you turn your brain completely off. The world is a barren wasteland and one militarized mega corporation controls the last supply of water, and it's up to our hero Tank Girl to save the day. It's fun, there are girls and guns, sci-fi and action, and the visual style has a lot of merit but it's definitely trippy and makes a lost of strange jumps, but your brain is already off so you definitely won't notice.

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