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Dirty Looks presents: Sesión Continua

An interactive installation presented by Dirty Looks, a nonprofit bicoastal platform for queer experimental film and video recreating a pre-VHS, pre-Guiliani, communally queer film experience. A 24-hour marathon screening of from midnight Friday through midnight Saturday, Dirty Looks will screen classic works of gay and lesbian erotica in “sesión continua”-style: no schedules, no set attendance times. Slip in and out or stay a while, come together to witness a public approach towards cinema that blended avant-garde film forms with another industry’s titillating requirements.

-*-*- Kick-off party at 11pm Friday -*-*-

All tickets $12 door, come-n-go ticketing. 

Theirs/Ours/Yours stages a variety of works from artists and cultural producers working across medium, genre, and cultural background. “Queerness” here both unites the artists of this show as an organizing principle, yet simultaneously refuses any singular definition of itself. Queerness is both the call and the response under this flexible rubric: those included are making a constantly renewed queer culture but also queering existing cultural elements that are otherwise yet unqueered.