Our facilities are available to book for private events and screenings with a recommended advance notice to prevent conflict with any planned screenings or events. Whether it's a birthday party, exclusive date night, preview screening, gaming session, or other event, we will try to make your rental a success. 

One Hour: $80.00
Four Hours: $315.00  ($75 each additional hour)
Eight Hours: $575.00 ($60 each additional hour)

Renters are required to pay their balance in full in order to confirm their rental, this amount is 50% refundable. In addition, renters are required to supply their own media for screening (DVD/Blu-ray/Harddrive). If providing a drive, supported file formats include mp4, AVI, and MKV. 

Our space seats 25, and during your rental you may bring in food and drink, and a small self-serve area can be set up for you and your guests.

If interested in booking a rental, please reach us at contact@videorevival.org